mouseMice and rats are smart and agile creatures. Mice only need a ¼” opening to gain access to your home, and rats not much bigger. If they can fit their head into an opening, they will make it through. They most commonly enter around pipes and wires, but will take advantage of any opening high and low around your house.

Mice will make themselves known by their droppings all over the areas they explore. You will also notice their chewing on paper and plastic materials of food items, on blankets and other fabrics that they will use for nesting materials.

Rats on the other hand do not leave droppings as they explore, they will be noticed by chewing, rub marks, which will appear around corners and walls where the rats frequently run. These marks will be black and oily, from the rat’s bodies, and their droppings will only be found either in their nests, or in hidden areas that the rats commonly use to move throughout your home.

Our program for mice and rats will remove them from your home and keep them from coming back. Trapping is the best way to control the rodents, and sealing off all entry points inside and outside of the house will keep them from using your home as their home for the future.

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