Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

There are a number of signs for Carpenter Ants. The #1 sign of course is visual sighting of ants in the house. The other two signs are sawdust or frass deposited from the Carpenter Ants nest, or hearing their chewing in the walls. This frass is going to be uniform in size; contain insect parts, and often empty larval casings from the nest.

Carpenter Ants have a specific body shape that is tough to identify unless you get a profile view of them. Some are smaller than others based on their age, like humans. Knowing what is crawling around in your house is the first and most important step in solving the problem. Verifying them is best.

We have a variety of solutions to your Carpenter Ant problems. An inspection of the house is the first step.

Once we have determined the level of infestation, we can propose a treatment option. Usually a combination of interior spraying or baiting, localized nest treatment, and an exterior foundation and eave spray of the entire house works best.

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