Bees and Wasp Control and Removal

Bees and Wasp Control and Removal

Preventing and eliminating bees and wasps is another one of our specialties. An eave spray of the house in the spring will prevent wasps and hornets from building nests that will become large and dangerous late in the summer.

If you need a nest treated and removed late in the year, we will treat the nest directly and remove it, if necessary.

No matter the type of wasp or hornet you have, leaving a nest alone will not be good come late summer, and the problem will not go away.

Paper wasps, which have an open faced nest on eaves and under deck and porch railings will sting and be a nuisance.

Yellow jackets, which will nest on your home, in your home, or in the ground, are the most dangerous we have. Their aggressive nature and close proximity to our living areas make them an insect you do not want to let go for the summer.

Call us to either prevent the nest from forming on your home, or to eliminate one that has grown on your property.

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